BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

CRICOS 090751D



Exciting and challenging projects are kicking off everyday in workplaces throughout Australia and the world. Demand for qualified project managers is at an all time high with this trend set to continue well into the future. The Diploma of Project Management is designed to enhance your knowledge and give you the skills, methods, techniques and tools to manage projects more effectively. You will develop the key skills required to efficiently manage all aspects of projects including cost, time, quality, risk, procurement, and scope. The broad range of competencies acquired in this Diploma will give you the ability to plan, execute and lead successful projects across all industries and organisational settings.


Students must be at least 18 years old and must have completed Australian secondary education at Year 11 or equivalent. Non-school-leavers are selected according to eligibility and merit, vocational experience, previous study and personal competencies.


Project Management provides career opportunities for challenging management positions across a wide range of industries including business, health, construction, engineering, defence, events management, marketing, human resources management and education. Completion of a Site Institute Diploma of Project Management will provide you with a pathway into a Bachelor degree at leading Australian Universities. This means you can cut down the amount of time and money you need to complete your degree, or in some cases, even enrol straight into the second year of your university course.